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The Oil & Water of Dance & Politics

An innovation in ballroom instruction took center floor at the 2018 Congress of Superstars in Tampa Florida.  The February Congress was, in fact a joint effort made possible by Michael Chapman and Victoria Regan as organizers with support from the Arthur Murray Organization and generous assistance from sponsors who elected to remain anonymous.

Participating in a Congress taught by Rufus Dustin is to expose oneself to a devout hunger for knowledge and an indomitable passion to share it.  Mr. Dustin (or simply Dustin as he is known in friendly circles) brings to the dance floor a resumé of credentials that show him to be “the total package.”  He is a champion cabaret and theatrical dancer, a documented educator and trainer, a tireless coach, and a gifted performer.  What he is not… is a politician.  As far as opinion is concerned, he takes his responsibility as a judge with incisive seriousness.  He marks what he likes, and he doesn’t mark what he doesn’t like.  Ask him about it, and he …

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